Top 4 Perfect Facts on How to Apply for Permanent Residency in Australia

The techniques and rules for Permanent Residency may differ from country to country. But if you are thinking for permanent residency in Australia, you may think in a right direction. Australia has been considered as one of the best countries to apply for Permanent Residency Visa. PR visas allow people to live and work there for an indefinite time. And on a serious note, as the migrants are not the citizens, they still have the option to become citizens after meeting the residency requirements. Usually, to apply for a PR Visa, you need to follow a point-based immigration system here. This system, however, apprehends your eligibility based on the points you score. Here is discussing some facts on how you can apply for PR visas in Australia. Check this out!

How to Apply for PR Visas?

  • Determine the Right Visa First: As like the other continents, Australia has more than 40 migrant visas that will allow living and work and even to settle in there. There are various popular visa categories. Some of them are family based like for your partner, your children, relatives etc while some others are work-based like general skilled migration or employer-sponsored So, before applying for a PR Visa, make your mind that which visa is going to be necessary for you.
  • Meet the Official Requirements: Once you are done with the choices, you need to move to the next step which is to meet your eligibilities. In order to meet the official requirements, you will have to attach all the important documents along with your passport, security checking, and medical issues. Also in some cases, a visa may require you to have a sponsor, certain work skills, a citizenship relative and a particular amount of money to invest in a business.
  • Know the Key Benefits: There are some certain key benefits you will be getting as an Australian Permanent Residence such as you can live and work there for an indefinite period, the PR status gives your right to apply for Australian Consular Assistance Overseas. Besides that, if in case your child will be born in Australia, they will get the permanent Australian citizenship from the birth. Also as for the initial period of five years, you are allowed to leave and enter Australia in a frequent manner. After that, it can be renewed if you will be able to meet the criteria.
  • The Point Based System: There is an exceptional process of collecting points in order to secure your place in the country. One should score minimum 60 points to apply through the system. The points will be given on the basis of your key profile details such as education, age, work experience, language ability and so on. The more point you score, the more chances will open for securing an invitation to apply for Visa.

Hope, these essentials will help you to get a permanent visa in Australia. You can follow these suggestions and fly high!

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