4 Activities That Guarantee an Unforgettable Getaway in Redlands

4 Activities That Guarantee an Unforgettable Getaway in Redlands

When people think about visiting California, they usually imagine visiting iconic Southern California — surfing at Huntington Beach, walking down Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, and maybe even visiting Disneyland. What most people don’t know is that just a few miles east of LA is a city called Redlands that has tons of fun things to do and see. You can see a whole new side of Southern California if you visit Redlands next time you’re down there. Here’s a list of four activities to do while you’re in Redlands.

The Lincoln Memorial Shrine

The Lincoln Memorial Shrine is the only museum west of the Mississippi that is dedicated solely to Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. It was originally built in 1932 by Robert Watchorn and started out as just a single octagonal room, but fountains and limestone plates with inscriptions of Lincoln’s speeches were added in 1937. As the museum gained more artifacts and exhibits, it need to be expanded. Two wings were added to the original octagonal room in 1998. If you’re going to Redlands, this unique American history museum should be on your list of places to visit.

Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival

Redlands is also home to the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival. Every Tuesday and Friday night throughout the summer the Redlands Bowl hosts different music groups and events that are always free to the public. The Redlands Bowl Performing Arts group is responsible for creating programs that help give back by teaching music to youth in the community. If you want to enjoy a night of family-friendly fun music during your stay, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it at the Redlands Bowl!

Redlands Market Night

The Redlands Market Night has become one of the most successful farmer’s markets in all of Southern California. Every Thursday night you can find over 150 produce, merchandise, and food booths ready to show you what they have to offer. You will get a taste of classic Redlands as you walk through an exciting market lined with historic buildings, brick sidewalks, charismatic shops, and diverse restaurants.

Kimberly Crest House & Gardens

Redlands is one of the oldest cities in California and has a lot of beautiful history to show for itself. One of these historical landmarks is the Kimberly Crest House, which is a 6.25-acre estate that includes a Victorian chateau and Italian Renaissance-styled gardens. This breathtaking mansion was built in 1897 and the gardens were added in 1907. The estate is open for tours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. with a small admission fee, and the gardens and gift shop are open to the public at the same time for no charge. Stop by this remarkable place when you visit Redlands.

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Redlands is one of the most amazing cities in Southern California and has a lot to offer. Next time you’re planning a getaway to Southern California, be sure to stop in Redlands and check out some of these unforgettable experiences!

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