History of Dibba

Located on the Gulf of Oman, Dibba is a coastal area located at in the north of the eastern Arabian Peninsula.

Marine Life

The area of Aqqah and Al-Faqeet are rated very high when it comes to the presence of beautiful marine life. The areas became a hot tourist attraction when the sea around Dibba got affected by a “red tide” in 2008. A “red tide” is simply the change in the colour of the sea, by a sudden increase or bloom in the population of algae, which is caused by a combination of some water and weather factors, if get combined at a particular temperature.

Paleo history

Archaeological studies conducted at Dibba have shown, great affirmations of large-scale pre-historic settlements. On the coast of Oman, Dibba was an international market, which was succeeded by the traders and merchants of China and India, who sailed through the Arabian Sea, to exploit this all-important market. Archaeologists have found sizeable traces of significant Chinese and Indian merchant activities.


Tourist Attraction

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