Love Art? Check Out These Top Art Attractions in Amarillo

One of the best ways to get to know a place intimately is through its local art galleries. Amarillo, Texas, is one such place where you don’t need to look hard to learn a little about the people because there are art installations everywhere. Old Blue, a beautiful painted horse, sits in front of the Amarillo National bank in the heart of the city’s downtown. Of course, there is the famous Cadillac Ranch along Route 66 featuring 10 half-buried Cadillacs painted and spray-painted with graffiti¬†by visitors and artists. These sites characterize the spirit of Amarillo and the free-spirited people who live there. When you visit, check out a few of the places listed below.

Sunset Art Gallery

The Sunset Art Gallery came into existence from the demise of a shopping mall. In 2005, Ann Couch turned the Sunset Center into art studios and galleries that have become a family-friendly art haven for Panhandle Texans year-round. The location is now home to 55 galleries showcasing the work of flourishing local artists. Visitors can treat themselves to a special day in these one-of-a-kind galleries with unique art that can’t be found anywhere else.

A day at the Sunset Galleries can be a special day as you not only get a chance to see the art, but possibly meet the artist. If you do stop by, there are some amazing hotels in the area that will meet the needs of any art-weary traveler.

Amarillo Museum of Art

This free museum has a diverse collection from famous artists like Georgia O’Keefe and John Marin, but they also house an extensive collection of Asian art. The comprehensive collection stems from the Edo period to beyond and even incorporates Southeast Asian sculptures. In addition, there is a strong photography collection from Dorothea Lange, Arthur Rosenstein and Marion Post Walcott.

Kudos Art Gallery

This gallery is great for a date night or special event. The space is run by former artists who taught at Carver Academy and now have dedicated it to giving people an escape through art. The gallery will do “escapes” in stained glass, jewelry making, wooden crafts and, of course, regular old painting. Kudos is about showing visitors a way to connect with¬†their creative side. The space also does events for kids that can be more educational or just plain fun like for birthday parties.

Kudos is a nice option for people who are not usually known to pick up a pencil or a brush. The art escape is a no-skills-required safe space and instructors are there to help guide visitors and offer advice.

Amarillo is one of those hidden gems in the art world that many travelers overlook. The homegrown talent around Amarillo is enticing and demonstrates the small-town locales where art plays an important role in shaping a place’s identity. Visitors can certainly get a feel for the fun and history through the indoor and outdoor installations that crop up all over this beautiful town.

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