Mangalore a City with the Best of Religions, Nature, History and Art

Mangalore is an excellent tourism place situated on the Western Ghats of Karnataka. The name of the city derived from Goddess Mangaladevi and it is also called as Mangaluru by locals. Replete of a plethora of tourist attractions and some excellent hotels in Mangalore, the city offers nothing less than a memorable holiday.

Mangalore or Mangaluru, a quaint port city that is situated in the backwaters of the Karnataka State, is one of the chief cities in the state. Bounded by everlasting mountains of the Western Ghats on one end and the vast Arabian Sea on the other, the city is a major centre of trade and commerce. The town is about 350 km to the western side of state’s capital, Bangalore and is best known for its relaxing beaches, bustling port, historical temples, hypnotizing panoramic views of the hills, long streaks of coconut palms, serpent-like backwaters, and meandering streams. Mangalore is the gateway to state, stretched over 132.45 sq. kms of area and is home to a number of port based industries.


There are several legends lingering the streets of the city. According to one of the popular legends, Matsyendranath, a revered religious image arrived at the place along with the princess Premila from Kerala and then converted her to Nath cult, he also renamed her to Mangaladevi. When she passed away, a temple of her was built paying homage to her, at a place called Bolar in the city, and this is how the city got its name. There are other popular epithets of the city, the most prominent ones include: Kodial, Mangalapuram, Mikala, and Kudla.

Mangalore because of its ideal location and geography, receives a mild climate almost throughout the year, except from the hot summers. The best time for Mangalore tour is the time after monsoon, and in the winters, that is from September to February. The winters here are very pleasant.

Mangalore, being a major port city in the state and the centre of commerce has the advantages of excellent connectivity to rest of the nation. Other than rail, road, and flights the city is also easily accessible from sea routes. The city’s international airport is a state of art airport and is served by flights of major domestic and international air carriers, so finding cheap Mangalore flights is easy. Whenever, you are to visit the city, simply get done with your IndiGo flight booking, Go Air flight booking, or other in advance, so that the latter hassles can be avoided. Plus, the National Highways 13, 17, and 48 also connects the city to the cities in the nation’s north, south, east, and west.

As a tourist destination, a trip to the city is a must do for every nature enthusiasts, adventurers, and culture buffs. It is the physical attributes of the city that immediately grab the attention of the visitors. The city has been gifted in abundance by the nature’s wealth. A prominent attraction of the city is that it is a heady mixture of culture, art, religion, nature, and tranquility. It is best to spare four to five days in the tour of the city as there are many attractions in the city that one would not like to miss. Some of the most prominent places in the city that are not to be missed at all include:  Suratkal Beach, St. Aloysius Church, Mangalore Beach, AdyapadyAdinatheshwara, Ullal Beach, St. Aloysious Chapel, St. Mary Beach, SharavuGanapathi Temple, Mangaladevi Temple, Roasario Church, KudroliGokarnanatha, Kadri Manjunath Temple, Light House Hill Garden, Ullal Dargah, Sultan Battery, KateelDurgaparameshwari, and Shree Shanaishchara Temple. The good thing is there are a couple of good lodging options located in the vicinity to the tourist spots in the city. These hotels in Mangalore don’t just offer a content stay to the guests, but also have the advantage of conveniences and connectivity.

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