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The small and very beautiful island of Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast in the larger island of Madagascar, which is placed ideally to take the benefits of the trade with both India and Africa. Also, this is one of the world most heavenly holiday locations.

The textiles are the very big earner in this location and it is being very close to the two emerging markets which help you to maintain the reasonable levels of exports. All the goods are shipped from this place through Port Louis, and the second one is through the Cape Town in the entire sub Saharan region for the ability to accommodate the very large container ships. In addition to these textiles, this port may also handle the extensive amount of plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals in the role as the major stopping off the point in this Indian Ocean.

Because of this extensive works which is provided by the docks, there are very close to 150000 inhabitants that reside in the capital city of Port Louis of the islands and the immediate surrounding area, which is accounting for the large concentration for the population of islands.

Cheap Flights

This has been founded by the French in 18th century; the port has its distinct Gallic Flavor which is mixed with the little Creole with the entire colonial English on top. The port also possess the thriving Chinatown and many colonial form of stylish buildings which give it the distinct impressive ambience, though they are the beginning which is to be dwarfed by the new additions over past 2 decades, like multi storey miniature skyscrapers.

In adding to the lucrative textile incomes, the place Mauritius may generates the significant number of foreign currency from tourism. There is no thing like that as a cheapest holiday to Mauritius. This place can also been described as the heaven on earth as a turquoise blue water of Indian Ocean, may vividly capture the baking sub tropical sun. Even in the height of winter, which is during august the temperature on the idyllic islands may rarely drop below the 19 degree Celsius, and this may attracting the rich holiday makers because of its suitability as the all year round the holiday destination.

The majority of the flights to Mauritius are given by the local carrier although the major schedule of the airlines may also provide the flights to this island, which is operating directly from London and from other major European cities.

As well as being assured, the warm welcome, the tourists may tempted by mouth watering choices of cuisine that is derived from no less than the 3 continents. Primarily all spicy dishes are influenced by china, Africa, India, and Europe, especially the spicy hot Creole curry that can be serves along with chicken, beef, or fish, with such exquisite cuisine, joy of an Indian ocean, and with the unbeatable stories. This is really very difficult to beat the Mauritius while it comes to the holiday vacation.


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