Where To Travel And With Whom

Where To Travel And With Whom

Here travel mentions to leisure travel. Vacation planning has to be done well in advanceotherwise it is sure to end up with last minute mess. Rushing at the time of travel is like squeezing out the juice of an exotic fruit. It is fun to have fruit with juice and pulp and so is travel. It is essential to make a sketch for a leisure travel. Before this one has to decide about the place to be travelled. Every time there is a discussion about spending vacations always there are clashes with other family members. Some like to travel to Disney Land where as some like to travel to hill station.

Confusion is obvious when there is more than one person to decide about the place. It should be smartly and impartially handled. If the planning is for Christmas vacations then it is worth going to beach places because the climate is neither hot nor cold. If travel is for summer vacation then hill station is the better option. There is actually no confusion or ego based conclusion. It should be decided according to the convenience and climate. Family with children above five years of age can travel to Disney Land because they are allowed to have fun with different rides.

 Family with elderly people should go to either temple places or to culturally rich places to enjoy the beauty of ancient buildings and monuments. Young couple should just book their tickets to romantic destination to stay away from all personal disturbances. This is how the destination for travel should beplanned. Next question is about travel companion. Here there should not be any compromise. On should travel with the person he likes otherwise travel becomes a punishment. After all travel for fun is to leave back the tensions and to live a new world. Hence a new horizon should be enjoyed with favorite members so as to energize all senses.

When To Travel

The third and the most important question about fun travel is when to travel. On should look for suitable season to travel however it should match with the free timings. Travel timings should not clash with business season or exam season. Some places are opened only during specific seasons like few lakes or valleys are opened only during winter season. Such places should be visited during November and December. This helps to take full fun of travel.

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